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Activities - CAS Conferences

Past CAS conference

CAS-NES Conference Program June 3-4 2011.doc


Interview with Shlomo Weber about the conference: "The conference will gather academics with the worldwide reputation" >>>

We propose to focus this conference on topics in general equilibrium theory. Those include aspects of economic dynamics and developments in the general equilibrium framework, especially utility and demand theory, and various aspects of market imperfection in transitional stages of economic development, including queeing, rationing and black markets.  The conference will also discuss theoretical and empirical aspects of the growth theory; in particular, the way where the accumulation of foreign exchange reserves impacts the trajectories of economic growth and development. The role of social capital, culture and institutional development will be addressed as well.   The conference will honor Academician Victor Polterovich, a prominent Russian economist, a founder of NES and a member of the HSE Academic Council (Ucheny Sovet), who has retired from NES last year.

We expect these topics (and the prominent speakers) to generate a high level of interest in HSE, NES and other academic institutions in Russia.   

Dates: June 3-4, 2011  

Site: HSE premises.

Organizing Committee Co-Chairs:

 Martin Gilman (HSE) and Valeri Makarov (NES and CEMI).

Program Committee Co-Chairs:

Mark Levin (HSE) and Shlomo Weber (SMU and NES).



Fuad Aleskerov (HSE)

Jean-Michel Grandmont (CREST)*

Vladimir Gimpelson (HSE)

Werner Hildenbrand (University of Bonn) *

Oleg Itskhoki (Princeton) **

Sergei Izmalkov (NES) **


Igor Evstigneev (University of Manchester)

Eyal Winter (Hebrew University)

Barry Ickes (Pennsylvania State University)

Jean-Francois Mertens (CORE)

Alexei Savvateev (NES) **

Irina Schepina (Voronezh) **

Francesco Squintani  (Essex)

Sergei Yakovenko (Weitzmann Institute)

Nicholas Yannelis  (University of Illinois)


*  former President of the Econometric Society

** former aspirant or student of V.M. Polterovich

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