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Travel & Research Grants


Travel support for academic purposes is generally provided in the form of grants. This type of support is offered to encourage internationally recognized research by HSE faculty and promote internationalization. The expected outcome is publication of research in top peer-reviewed international academic journals and by international university presses with an indication of affiliation with HSE.

This kind of support is normally available to internationally recruited tenure-track professors. The maximum amount that can be available for academic travel and research, as well as the conditions of its allocation are stated in individual work contracts.

Please see  “Regulations on Financial Support of Academic Mobility and Research of HSE Faculty Members Hired Under International PhD Contract From the International Job Market”  for further details. 

 Regulations on Financial Support of Academic Mobility and Research of HSE (PDF, 178 Kb)

Funds can be used flexibly for: 

a) participation in international conferences where the applicant is presenting research, as well as for seminars and projects that require international travel for collaboration with co-authors on articles, books or other joint research. It can be used to cover all or part of registration fees, accommodation, travel, visas, health insurance, per diem, etc.

These funds are available in the form of a reimbursement. This means that the applicant must cover all the costs associated with the trip from personal funds and then have them reimbursed upon return after all the necessary supporting documents (tickets, receipts, invoices, etc.) are presented to the accounting department.

More information about Research Travel Guide is available in The HSE LooK

b) if HSE lacks any materials, equipment or services required by the international faculty member for work, HSE may, at this faculty member’s request, purchase the required materials, equipment or services as per the Russian legislation and HSE bylaws or reimburse their cost to the international faculty member, imposing any required tax charges and insurance fees.

The list of academic materials, research equipment and services that can be additionally funded by these Travel & Research Grants is rather limited and is as follows:

1.         print periodicals (other than subscription),
2.         e-books (files) and subscriptions to online publications,
3.         books,
4.         databases (other than subscription),
5.         software,
6.         fees for submitting an academic paper to a peer-reviewed journal,
7.         proof-reading,
8.         office equipment,
9.         other academic materials, research equipment and services required for work and duly approved for acquisition in accordance with the established procedure

Please be advised that prior to undertaking any self-steps in making any purchases the international faculty member is  expected to apply to HSE relevant  departments   for purchasing materials, research equipment or service payment, required for his/her research .

In case the relevant HSE department   is for some reason unable to meet the international faculty member requirement and informs officially him/her about it, he\she is eligible to buy materials, research equipment or make service payment on their own and claim for the reimbursement within the maximum amount stated in individual work contracts .

Please note that HSE will not be able to reimburse any expenditure where there are no supporting receipts. HSE accounting department will require the following documents to formalize the process of reimbursement:

1.         if purchased by cash - cash register receipt and sales slip,
2.         if purchased via Internet - payment invoice, bank statement to confirm the payment, and a confirmation that the service has been rendered


Applications for such purchases may be submitted by the international faculty member all over the fiscal year. Please note that accounting department will not accept any requirements for payments submitted after December 1 of the current year.

Information about then how to apply for Sabbatical Leave, Support for Academic Events and Teacher-student Team Research Projects you can find by visiting the website of the International Faculty Support Unit (part of the Office of Internationalization). There you will also find a lot of useful information that will help you adapt at HSE.

Forms to fill out (Tenure-track Position)

  Request for a travel grant

 Request for visiting academics (DOC, 62 Kb)

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