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Postdoctoral Fellow in International Relations and International Political Economy

Center for Comprehensive European and International Studies (CCEIS)

HSE University

Moscow, Russia


The Center for Comprehensive European and International Studies (CCEIS) at the Faculty of World Economy and International Affairs at the Higher School of Economics in Moscow invites applications for postdoctoral positions to play a key role in the Centre’s research projects in the following academic fields:

• Great power relations, new instruments and formats of great power competition (formal and informal sanctions, trade wars), rising powers

• Research on Geo-economics

• International Political Economy and the impact of US-China decoupling

• Foreign Policy Analysis

• Foreign policy strategies of small and middle powers vis-a-vis great powers

• Asian Studies

• Chinese studies

• Chinese sociology (internal processes in Chinese society, trends and problems)


The world order is passing through a profound and non-linear transformation. Dimensions that deserve immediate and innovative research are structural factors of international relations and international political economy: great power relations and balances of power, US-China relations, and profound deeper research – both of the US and especially – of China as a rising power. The role, strategies and policies of Russia, Asian countries, the EU, middle powers of Greater Eurasia are of great interest as well.

Most recently, the  COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated ongoing process of political, economic and social change in such diverse fields as the digitalization so all aspects social life, growing economic and social inequality, and the development of new models of economic and political governance. We strive to understand the impact of these processes at the international and regional levels through the Centre’s ongoing research.


About HSE University

The Higher School of Economics (HSE University) is a young, dynamic and fast-growing Russian research university. Over the past 25 years, HSE University has become a leader in Russian education, while also being recognized globally.

We were the first state-run university in Russia to begin recruiting on the international academic market. We aim at being a university with a highly attuned approach to training new professionals. Therefore, we are eager to hire people with real experience, as well as basic and applied knowledge. Committed to high-quality research, HSE University now has more than 100 research institutes and centers and over 30 international research laboratories collaborating with international specialists from all over the world.


 About the Centre

The Center for Comprehensive European and International Studies (CCEIS) was established in 2006 and quickly became a leading HSE research body in international affairs.

CCEIS is also one of the leading think tanks in Russia that specialized in strategic studies, ranked among the top-4 academic think tanks that influence Russian foreign policy narratives according to research by the Atlantic Council in 2019 and the only think tank in the list, established in the post-soviet period.

The Centre has prepared more than 200 policy briefs and reports in the last 5 years for government  authorities and international companies, fellows of the Centre publish dozens of academic papers annually. The Centre employs more than 20 people as permanent staff, whom regularly cooperate with experts from partner institutions in Russia and abroad.

One of the pillars of research activities of the Centre is a strong community network with Russian partners: The Council on Foreign and Defense Policy, Valdai Discussion Club, Russia in Global Affairs, Russian International Affairs Council, the Alexander Gorchakov Public Diplomacy Fund, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia,  Ministry for the Development of the Russian Far East and Arctic, Committee on International Affairs of the Russian State Duma, Federation Council Committee on Foreign Affairs, Eurasian Economic Commission,  Eurasian Development Bank etc.

The Centre also has a wide network of contacts and partners around the world. On a regular basis, the Centre collaborates with the world’s leading universities and research centers such as:

  • Harvard University (co-organizes Working Group on the future of US-Russia relations, exchange programs),
  • Oxford University (within an Academic Consortium for Graduate students and Junior research Fellows with Columbia University, Sorbonne, Harvard etc),
  • East China Normal University (10 joint Summer Schools on international relations, exchange programs for fellows)
  • And many, such as the Peace Research Institute Frankfurt, Korea Institute of International Economic Policy, Norwegian Institute of International Affairs, French Institute of International Relations, etc)

The CCEIS played and active (and often pioneering role) role in the development of some critical new concepts in Russia’s foreign policy, including Russia’s Pivot to Asia, Greater Eurasian Integration, Developing a coordinated partnership between the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU)  the Belt and Road Initiative, the “Asia for Asia” model, the EAEU-2025 paradigm, and the New Approach to Strategic Stability. 

The CCEIS is the host of major International events – an annual Russian-Chinese Summer School on International Relations, The Eurasian Forum, HSE’s International April Conference, the program of Eurasian Exchanges, and a regular series of situational analyses with foreign experts.

Researchers of the Centre publish their scientific papers in leading foreign journals in Russia, the USA, China, Germany, Great Britain, South Korea, India, Southeast Asian countries. The Centre and the School regularly publish special issues in Q1-Q3 journals in Russia and abroad.



The general requirements for the postdoctoral fellowship positions are the following:

  • Candidates must hold a recent Ph.D. in the field of international relations, international political economy, foreign policy, regional integration or related areas which was awarded over the last 5 years or received before starting work at HSE in a relevant field by an internationally recognized university and has been assessed by external reviewers as having the potential to pursue research that is publishable in leading peer-reviewed journals;
  • Candidates should have a strong background in international relations or regional studies, in particular – Asian regionalism and non-Western multilateral institutions and dialogue platforms, great power relations, new instruments and formats of great power competition (such as unilateral formal and informal sanctions, trade wars), rising powers, foreign policy analysis, foreign policy strategies of small and middle powers vis-a-vis great powers. They must also have  the ability to work both independently and as part of a team, conduct innovative research, have excellent organizational skills with the ability to prioritize workload and meet deadlines;
  • Our highest priority will be given to candidates who specialize in the following fields: Great power relations, Asian studies, Chinese studies, Chinese sociology, geoeconomics, international political economy;
  • Fluent English is an obligatory as research and other activities are conducted in English. Knowledge of Russian is not required;
  • Knowledge of Asian languages is especially welcome (and obligatory for positions related to Chinese studies and Chinese sociology);
  • Relevant experience is an asset, although not required.


The position involves:

  • Working under the supervision of Dr. Segrey Karaganov, Dr. Timofey Bordachev, Dr. Anastasia LIkhacheva, Dr. Vasily Kashin, Dr. Dmitry Suslov
  • Сonducting research within the Centre’s conceptual framework and in a vibrant research community;
  • Сollaboration with other researchers affiliated with the Centre and Faculty, including those from foreign Universities;
  • Taking part in the Centre’s and Faculty’s research projects/pursuing independent research;
  • Participation in the Centre’s events;
  • Disseminating research findings through academic papers for top international peer-reviewed journals in co-authorship with the members of the Centre and public presentations;
  • Research assistants and students for research projects of the post-doc;
  • Teaching is not required; though teaching opportunities will be available, including teaching for the Faculty of World Economy and International Affairs
  • The workplace located in a historical building in one of the most vibrant neighborhoods in  Central Moscow


- Appointments are normally made for one year. Postdoctoral fellows will have the opportunity to renew the contract (no more than two times).

- HSE University offers postdoctoral fellows a competitive salary in line with market expectations, a standard medical insurance plan, a working space equipped with a computer and free Internet access at the University, subscriptions to academic journals and publications, and access to the major academic research repositories.


Application Process

Applications must be submitted online. Please provide a CV, a statement of research interest, and a recent research paper submitted via the online application form. At least two letters of recommendation should be sent directly to the International Faculty Recruitment Office at fellowship@hse.ru before the application deadline. Please note that direct applications to the hiring the CCEIS may not be reviewed.

Read more about the application process here.


The deadline for the applications is February 14, 2021.

Apply Now

For more information:

·         about Postdoctoral Fellowship - Frequently Asked Questions

·         about HSE university – official web-site

·         about the Center for Comprehensive European and International Studies (CCEIS) – visit the official website  or contact us via Facebook, mail us or schedule a zoom-call to address your questions  (Anna Sokolova)

·         about international specialists' life in Moscow - International Faculty Support page

If you have any additional questions, feel free to contact the International Faculty Recruitment Office at fellowship@hse.ru 


Faculty of World Economy and International Affairs

National Research University Higher School of Economics, Moscow


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