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Postdoctoral Fellows 2019/2020

Faculty of Humanities

Nikita Lychakov

Research Fellow. PhD:Queen's University, Canada

Dragoș-Gheorghe Năstăsoiu

Research Fellow. PhD:Central European University, Hungary

Faculty of Law

Polina Malkova

Research Fellow. PhD:Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong

Faculty of Mathematics

Nianhua Li

Research Fellow. PhD:China University of Mining and Technology, China

Lizao Ye

Research Fellow. PhD:University of Lorraine

Faculty of World Economy and International Affairs

Anna Kuteleva

Research Fellow. PhD:University of Alberta, Canada

Institute of Education

Adam James Gemar

Research Fellow. PhD:Durham University, UK

Anastasia Petrakova

Research Fellow. PhD:Humboldt University of Berlin, Germany

Center for Institutional Studies

Bernardo Eugenio Pincheira Sarmiento

Research Fellow. PhD:University of Nottingham, UK

Institute for Industrial and Market Studies

Amanda Zadorian

Research Fellow. PhD:New School for Social Research, USA

Linguistic Convergence Laboratory

Ezequiel Koile

Research Fellow. PhD:National University of La Plata

Chiara Naccarato

Research Fellow. PhD:University of Bergamo

St. Petersburg School of Economics and Management

Egor Ianovski

Research Fellow. PhD:University of Oxford, UK

St. Petersburg School of Social Sciences and Area Studies

Vera Ignatenko

Research Fellow. PhD:Justus Liebig University, Germany


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