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Postdoctoral Fellowship 2020-2021

Recruitment for the Postdoctoral positions for the 2020-2021 academic season. 


PositionHSE Unit
1.Postdoctoral Fellow in Applied Algebraic Topology

International Laboratory of Algebraic Topology and its Applications (opens January 2020 at the Faculty of Computer Science)

2.Postdoctoral Fellow in Applied Econometrics Center for Institutional Studies (CInSt)
3.Postdoctoral Fellow in Applied MathematicsLaboratory for Complex Systems Modeling and Control
4.Postdoctoral Fellow in Applied MathematicsSchool of Applied Mathematics
5.Postdoctoral Fellow in Area StudiesSchool of International Regional Studies
6.Postdoctoral Fellow in BankingCenter for Institutional Studies (CInSt)

Postdoctoral Fellow in Bioinformatics

Laboratory of Bioinformatics

8.Postdoctoral Fellow in Classical and Oriental ArchaeologyCentre for Classical and Oriental Archaeology
9.Postdoctoral Fellow in Cognitive NeuroscienceCognitive Control, Communication and Perception Group
10.Postdoctoral Fellow in Cognitive NeuroscienceMemory and Motor Control Group
11.Postdoctoral Fellow in Cognitive NeuroscienceTheoretical Neuroscience Group
12.Postdoctoral Fellow in Condensed-Matter PhysicsCondensed-Matter Physics Laboratory
13.Postdoctoral Fellow in Curriculum StudiesLaboratory for Curriculum Design


Postdoctoral Fellow in Development Studies

Institute of Demography

15.Postdoctoral Fellow in Developmental Cognitive NeuroscienceNeuropsy Lab
16.Postdoctoral Fellow in Digital Transformation in EducationCentre for Skills Development and Vocational Education
17.Postdoctoral Fellow in Digital Transformation/ICT in EducationLaboratory for Digital Transformation of Education
18.Postdoctoral Fellow in Economic HistoryInternational Center for the Study of Institutions and Development (ICSID)
19.Postdoctoral Fellow in Economic HistoryCenter for Institutional Studies (CInSt)
20.Postdoctoral Fellow in EconomicsInternational Policy and Innovation Impact Laboratory
21.Postdoctoral Fellow in Economics and Financing of EducationCenter for Financial and Economic Decisions in Education
22.Postdoctoral Fellow in EducationCenter for Modern Childhood Research
23.Postdoctoral Fellow in EducationCenter for Psychometrics and Measurement in Education
24.Postdoctoral Fellow in EducationInternational Policy and Innovation Impact Laboratory
25.Postdoctoral Fellow in EducationLaboratory for Human Capital and Education Research
26.Postdoctoral Fellow in EducationLaboratory for Universities Development
27.Postdoctoral Fellow in Education LawEducation Law Laboratory
28.Postdoctoral Fellow in Educational StudiesInternational Policy and Innovation Impact Laboratory
29.Postdoctoral Fellow in Educational StudiesCenter for Institutional Studies (CInSt)
30.Postdoctoral Fellow in Education / SociologyCentre for General and Extracurricular Education
31.Postdoctoral Fellow in Empirical Corporate Finance, Strategic Management and Sport EconomicsInternational Laboratory of Intangible-driven Economy (IDLab)
32.Postdoctoral Fellow in Energy and Infrastructure IndustriesInstitute of Pricing and Regulation of Natural Monopolies
33.Postdoctoral Fellow in Environmental and Technological HistoryLaboratory for Environmental and Technological History
34.Postdoctoral Fellow in Formal Philosophy, Philosophical Logic, Mathematical Logic, Formal and Experimental LinguisticsInternational Laboratory for Logic, Linguistics and Formal Philosophy
35.Postdoctoral Fellow in Game Theory, Economic Design, Computational Economics, and Discrete MathematicsLaboratory of Game Theory and Decision Making
36.Postdoctoral Fellow in Global Histories of EmpireCenter for Historical Research  
37.Postdoctoral Fellow in HistoryСenter for Imperial Russian History at the School of History
38.Postdoctoral Fellow in the History of World War II and Soviet SocietyInternational Center for the History and Sociology of World War II and Its Consequences
39.Postdoctoral Fellow in the Interdisciplinary Field of Social & Cognitive InformaticsInternational Laboratory for Social and Cognitive Informatics
40.Postdoctoral Fellow in International Economics, Regional Studies, and Industrial OrganizationCenter for Market Studies and Spatial Economics
41.Postdoctoral Fellow in International Economics/International Political Economy

School of World Economy

42.Postdoctoral Fellow in International RelationsInternational Laboratory for the Study of World Order and the New Regionalism
43.Postdoctoral Fellow in Korean StudiesDepartment of Asian and African Studies
44.Postdoctoral Fellow in LawFaculty of Law
45.Postdoctoral Fellow in Legal StudiesInternational Center for the Study of Institutions and Development (ICSID)
46.Postdoctoral Fellow in LinguisticsSchool of Linguistics  
47.Postdoctoral Fellow in LinguisticsLinguistic Convergence Laboratory
48.Postdoctoral Fellow in Machine Learning for Bioinformatics

School of Data Analysis and Artificial Intelligence

49.Postdoctoral Fellow in Machine Reasoning with Neural NetworksSchool of Data Analysis and Artificial Intelligence
50.Postdoctoral Fellow in MacroeconomicsInternational Laboratory for Macroeconomic Analysis
51.Postdoctoral Fellow in Mathematical Foundations of Machine LearningHDI Lab
52.Postdoctoral Fellow in MathematicsFaculty of Mathematics (with the Steklov Mathematical Institute)
53.Postdoctoral Fellow in Medieval StudiesCentre for Medieval Studies
54.Postdoctoral Fellow in Microwave ElectrodynamicsLaboratory for Microwave Devices of Telecommunication Systems
55.Postdoctoral Fellow in Network Analysis in EducationCenter for Institutional Studies (CInSt)
56.Postdoctoral Fellow in NeurodynamicsNeurodynamics Group
57.Postdoctoral Fellow in NeuroeconomicsNeuroeconomics Group
58.Postdoctoral Fellow in NeuroimagingLaboratory of Interdisciplinary Empirical Studies
59.Postdoctoral Fellow in Neuroimaging and Brain-Computer InterfacesCenter for Bioelectric Interfaces
60.Postdoctoral Fellow in NeurolingisticsCenter for Language and Brain
61.Postdoctoral Fellow in PhilosophySchool of Philosophy
62.Postdoctoral Fellow in Political Economy of Social Policy Provision with a focus on Public-Private Partnerships or EducationInternational Center for the Study of Institutions and Development (ICSID)
63.Postdoctoral Fellow in Political Economy of DevelopmentInternational Center for the Study of Institutions and Development (ICSID)
64.Postdoctoral Fellow in Political Economy with a Focus on Accountability in an Imperfect Institutional Environment and Especially Under Limited Political CompetitionInternational Center for the Study of Institutions and Development (ICSID)
65.Postdoctoral Fellow in Political Economy with a Focus on Network AnalysisInternational Center for the Study of Institutions and Development (ICSID)
66.Postdoctoral Fellow in Political Economy with a Special Focus on Topics of Trust and Cultural NormsInternational Center for the Study of Institutions and Development (ICSID)
67.Postdoctoral Fellow in Political Science and Public AdministrationPublic Policy Department
68.Postdoctoral Fellow in PsychologyVision Modelling Lab
69.Postdoctoral Fellow in the field of Public Procurement and AuctionsInstitute for Industrial and Market Studies
70.Postdoctoral Fellow in Regional and Cluster StudiesCentre ‘Russian Cluster Observatory’ (Institute for Statistical Studies and Economics of Knowledge(ISSEK))
71.Postdoctoral Fellow in Science, Technology and Innovation Policy StudiesInstitute for Statistical Studies and Economics of Knowledge (ISSEK)
72.Postdoctoral Fellow in ScientometricsCenter for Institutional Studies (CInSt)
73.Postdoctoral Fellow in Service Innovation & KIBS StudiesInstitute for Statistical Studies and Economics of Knowledge (ISSEK)
74.Postdoctoral Fellow in Skills Development and Vocational EducationCenter for Skills Development and Vocational Education
75.Postdoctoral Fellow in Signal Processing of MEG/StereoEEG Data in EpilepsyMEG group
76.Postdoctoral Fellow in Social AnthropologyCentre for Historical Research
77.Postdoctoral Fellow in Social PsychologyCentre for Sociocultural Research
78.Postdoctoral Fellow in SociologyInstitute for Statistical Studies and Economics of Knowledge (ISSEK)
79.Postdoctoral Fellow in Sociology and Anthropology of EducationCenter for Cultural Sociology and Anthropology of Education
80.Postdoctoral Fellow in Sociology of Culture and Sociology of EducationLaboratory for Cultural Sociology and Anthropology of Education
81.Postdoctoral Fellow in Sociology or Political ScienceRonald F. Inglehart Laboratory for Comparative Social Research (LCSR)
82.Postdoctoral Fellow in Statistical and Computational GenomicsInternational Laboratory of Statistical and Computational Genomics
83.Postdoctoral Fellow in Superconducting NanoelectronicsQuantum Nanoelectronics Laboratory
84.Postdoctoral Fellow in Theoretical Computer ScienceLaboratory of Theoretical Computer Science
85.Postdoctoral Fellow in Theory and History of the Humanities and Social SciencesPoletayev Institute for Theoretical and Historical Studies in the Humanities
86.Postdoctoral Fellow in Urban and Regional PlanningInstitute of Regional Studies and Urban Planning  
87.Postdoctoral Fellow in Urban EconomicsFaculty of Urban and Regional Development
88.Postdoctoral Fellow in Urban StudiesFaculty of Urban and Regional Development
89.Postdoctoral Fellow in Youth StudiesCentre for Youth Studies  


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